Deities at Kanipura:

Shri Bala Gopala Krishna (Main Deity) :


The statue of Deity installed in this temple is the most beautiful naked image of Bala Gopala Krishna in jet black granite stone and has height of about 2 to 2.5 feet. The whole image is of a boy, who holds ‘Navaneetha’ (the butter) in both the hands. The Deity extended his both hands in frontward.

Therefore he is also called ‘Benne Krishna’ (Krishna who loves butter very much). The Deity is said to be the Idol worshipped by Yashoda Devi, the foster mother of Shri Krishna, in Nanda-Gokula on Dwapara Yuga.


Besides, one who has got no children even by having no issues in them, could get ‘Santati’ (Progeny) by praying to this god. Therefore, this God is popularly called as ‘Santana Gopala Krishna’.


Other Deities (Subsidairy Shrine) :


At the right side (Southern portion) of the Temple court yard, there is a Maha Ganapathy Gudi (subsidiary Shrine). This God has also got equal importance here.


There are also other subsidiary Deities in the Temple namely, Vanashasta, Pili Chamundi and Naga Devatha.


To Maha Ganapathy and Vanashasta daily pooja is being performed but to Pili Chamundi and Naga Devatha periodical tambila is being performed.


There is a Katte (small stage) in front of court yard of the Temple at the Southern end called ‘Vasantha Katte’. It is revealed that the Pattabhisheka or coronation of the senior Raja (King) had been taken place at this Temple on the Vasantha Katte in ancient days.

Special Features of this Temple:

Annadaana (Offering meal to the devotees) is the most important feature of this Temple. Since long time Annadaana is being performed in this Temple. Especially during the time of Dhwajarohana (1st day of the Annul Festival) this is being performed. Also, at the time of Ayyappa Deepotsava, the Annadaana is being performed here.


Nowadays, Annadaana has been given more importance and during various special occasions the Devotees will get the holy meal of the Deity.

Currently, the Temple management has made arrangements for the daily Annadaana after ‘Noon Pooja’ hours for all the Devotees who are visiting the Temple from far off places.


It is highly believed that, Bala Krishna is playing here along with the small children and hence, beating and abusing the small children inside the Temple premises are strictly barred.


The Lord Krishna also loves cows and calfs and hence, beating the cow or a calf is also strictly barred. The milk obtained by the cow after 11 days of delivery of calf is the main offering here.


The Krishna loves Avalakki (beaten rice). Therefore, the main Prasadam of the Temple is Avalakki mixed with jagerry.


If a child has got the bad habit of eating mud, offering banana bunch will solve that issue. It is seen that so many Muslims and Christians are also making offerings to this Temple.The Lord Bala Gopala Krishna has got the strong power to solve all the problems of his Devotees.