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Shri Gopala Krishna Temple is situated at the heart of the Kumble town, at about half Kilometer from the city, in a deep place at the foot of an elevated hill which rises majestically in front of it, with river Kumbhini planking it on the North. The Western Sea is situated at the West portion of the Temple. At the Northern portion the river Kumbhini flows East to West and joins the Western Sea.


At the front portion there is Dhwajasthambha, which is meant for hanging ‘Mangala Dhwaja’ consisting the image of Hunuma on the one side and Garuda at the other side. At the right side (Southern portion) of the Temple court yard, there is Maha Ganapathy Gudi (a subsidiary Shrine). This God has also got equal importance here. There are also other subsidiary Deities in the Temple namely, Vanashasta, Pili Chamundi and Naga Devatha. To Maha Ganapathy and Vanashasta daily pooja is being performed and to Pili Chamundi and Naga Devatha periodical tambila is being performed.


There is a Katte (small stage) in front of court yard of the Temple at the Southern end called ‘Vasantha Katte’. It is revealed that the Pattabhisheka or coronation of the senior Raja (King) had been taken place at this Temple on the Vasantha Katte in ancient days.


The Lord Bala Gopala Krishna has got the strong power to solve all the problems of his devotees.